Sprinklers Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are an essential fire protection tool for buildings, with proven results at helping reduce loss of life, injury and damage to the building due to fire. In fact, in 95% of fires in sprinkler protected buildings, fire sprinklers have either extinguished or prevented the spread of the fire, allowing occupants to escape to safety and the fire brigade to do their job. Fire sprinkler systems should be fully integrated with the other fire systems within a building. Commonly they are integrated with the smoke detection and occupant warning system, however integration with the ventilation system is often included as well.

Leemark Fire Protection are specialists in fire sprinkler design, install, and certify a range of automatic fire sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems. This includes residential fire sprinklers, commercial fire sprinkler systems, special hazard fire suppression systems, and more. Fire sprinklers save lives, and are a must for every building.