Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors, not to be confused with smoke alarms, are the most common type of fire detector used in fire detection and alarm systems in Australian buildings.

Leemark Fire Protection can design, supply, and install a full range of fire detection systems.

There are numerous different types of fire detectors available to suit a wide range of fire detection requirements, including:

  • photoelectric smoke detector
  • ionization smoke detector
  • thermal detectors (heat detector)

Smoke alarms are 240v devices typically installed within an apartment or house. These have a built in speaker but normally provide a local alarm only to the room in which they are installed.

Smoke detectors are usually 24v devices and normally do not have a sounder built in. They are typically located throughout all areas of a commercial or industrial building, but only in public areas of a residential building. Smoke detectors must be connected to a fire indicator panel, and as a result are often addressable – allowing quick notification of where activated detector is located. They must also be connected to a building occupant warning system, or fire alarm system, which will usually provide an alarm to the entire building and often alert the fire brigade.