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fire alarms

A building occupant warning system, commonly referred to as a fire alarm system, is an essential part of any automatic fire protection system. Leemark Fire Protection can supply a range of leading brands of fire alarm systems, fire indicator panels, mimic panels, and a full range of fire detection systems.


Fire hydrants

Fire hydrants are an essential tool used by the fire brigade to control and extinguish a fire in or around a building. Fire hydrant coverage is required to almost all buildings, through means of either internal or external fire hydrant systems.

Fire hydrants are also used as a suction point by the fire brigade to supply water to their booster pumps which in turn boost the water pressure to a sprinkler or hydrant system, further enhancing its performance.

Leemark Fire Protection can install a full range of internal and external fire hydrant systems, complete with pumps, fire hydrant booster assembly and fire hydrant block plan .


fire hose reels

Fire hose reels are intended to be used by occupants to assist with safe evacuation from an emergency situation. Leemark Fire Protection has a range of fire hose reels and mounting options. Depending on the building, a fire hose reel might be installed as part of the hydrant system, the sprinkler system or feed from the domestic water supply system.

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Fire Detection

Smoke detectors, not to be confused with smoke alarms, are the most common type of fire detector used in fire detection and alarm systems in Australian buildings.

Leemark Fire Protection can design, supply, and install a full range of fire detection systems.

There are numerous different types of fire detectors available to suit a wide range of fire detection requirements, including:

  • photoelectric smoke detector
  • ionization smoke detector
  • thermal detectors (heat detector)


Smoke alarms are 240v devices typically installed within an apartment or house. These have a built in speaker but normally provide a local alarm only to the room in which they are installed. 

Smoke detectors are usually 24v devices and normally do not have a sounder built in. They are typically located throughout all areas of a commercial or industrial building, but only in public areas of a residential building. Smoke detectors must be connected to a fire indicator panel, and as a result are often addressable – allowing quick notification of where activated detector is located. They must also be connected to a building occupant warning system, or fire alarm system, which will usually provide an alarm to the entire building and often alert the fire brigade.


Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are an essential fire protection tool for buildings, with proven results at helping reduce loss of life, injury and damage to the building due to fire. In fact, in 95% of fires in sprinkler protected buildings, fire sprinklers have either extinguished or prevented the spread of the fire, allowing occupants to escape to safety and the fire brigade to do their job. Fire sprinkler systems should be fully integrated with the other fire systems within a building. Commonly they are integrated with the smoke detection and occupant warning system, however integration with the ventilation system is often included as well.

Leemark Fire Protection are specialists in fire sprinkler design, install, and certify a range of automatic fire sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems. This includes residential fire sprinklers, commercial fire sprinkler systems, special hazard fire suppression systems, and more. Fire sprinklers save lives, and are a must for every building.



Fire Equipment Maintenance


Fire equipment maintenance is an integral part of keeping any fire protection equipment fully operational and is required to help keep your building, and its occupants, safe. Leemark Fire Protection is your one stop shop for fire equipment maintenance and fire maintenance services of building fire protection systems. Our fire maintenance services team can regularly inspect and test your fire protection equipment to the applicable Australian Standards.

Our service team is ready 24/7 to help in an emergency and get your fire systems back online to help protect your building and its occupants.

Inspection and Testing


Leemark Fire Protection will perform the required weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or yearly tests of all fire protection equipment, including:

  • fire sprinkler systems,
  • gas systems,
  • foam systems,
  • fire extinguishers,
  • fire hydrant and fire hose reel systems,
  • fire pumps and tanks,
  • fire detection and fire alarm systems
    • smoke detectors, fire alarms, fire indicator panel)
    • fire alarms
    • fire indicator panel
    • building occupant warning system
  • other electrical works associated with fire services and fire protection systems

We offer maintenance and servicing for all building types including apartment buildings, commercial buildings, warehouses, shopping centres and factories. Our skilled tradesmen ensure that your equipment and systems are working correctly, so that your building and its occupants may be protected in the event of a fire.

Supply & Install


Doing renovations? New tenancy fit out? No problems. Leemark Fire Protection undertakes projects of all sizes. We’ll design, supply, and install new systems or relocate existing systems to suit your changing needs

Got a fault? We’ll find it and we’ll fix it. We’ll send a fire alarm technician or fire sprinkler technician to your site, who will carry out an in depth fault analysis and report back quickly. Our reporting system ensures that you are notified as soon as we become aware of any faults with your fire protection equipment, allowing them to be rectified quickly so that your building and its occupants can continue to be protected in an emergency.

Fault Rectification

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